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Updated on 31 Aug 2011

Chikinki Gig Details

Date 17 July 2004
Time 20:15
Venue Ashton Court Festival (Main Stage)
City Bristol
Country U.K.
Further details This is the 4th time Chikinki have played the Ashton Court Festival (also known as the Bristol Community Festival).


The first time I heard Chikinki was 2 years ago when I saw them play at Ashton Court -Bristol's local music festival. They were like nothing I had seen before, they were loud and raw, their songs were a little different than they are today, they seemed to of been filled with a lot of hard drum & bass none of which was watered down like a lot of other bands have done. This was genuine and gave my skin the chills, through-out the entire set. Needless to say, when I found out they were playing again this year, I made sure I was in Bristol to catch them.

Being Bristol's most recent act to make national headway its no wonder they have played the festival 4 years in a row now, and it seems their hometown still loves them. When I last saw Chikinki playing the same stage at Ashton Court, there was a crowd of 25 people standing in front of the stage to watch the band play. This year the crowd had grown tremendously, there was barely any room to dance if you wanted to. Not that this was a bad thing, the energy coming from the swarming crowd had definitely made for a better experience.

Chikinki went on at about 21.00 as the sun was setting and started off their set with Scissors paper stone, being one of their more popular songs from their first album, it got the crowed energized immediately. With only an hour allotted to them, Chikinki played a pretty standard set, including Hate TV, Assassinator 13, Time, and To Sacrifice A Child. More and more people came from sitting down on the hill or perhaps from other stages, to join the bass heavy sounds they heard coming from the main stage- to feel these pulsating beats coursing through their veins like heroin.

It must be said that Chikinki played one of the greatest live performances that night. I couldn't get enough of their insane percussions, thick bass lines, and everything else Chikinki had to offer. Hate TV was a highlight for me, I hadn't previously been a huge fan of this song based on the recorded version, but that night I realized this song had some power. Starting with a great guitar riff that introduces you to thump-like bass ridden distortion, the song surrounds you, and makes for an atmospheric world of sound. Throughout the song there were more excellent bass, robotic bleeps, eerie tones and pieces of distortion. The song starts to plummet toward the end with a crashing riff that carries into a chaotic blend of instruments, highlighted with a beautiful drifting melody from the keyboard that sails right over the layers of instrumental venting.

By the end of their performance the sun had mostly gone and it was getting pretty dark, they ended the set with To Sacrifice A Child, which was a very energetic song that seemed to have made the crowd go mental. They didn't know which way to dance. Towards the end of the song it seems like a melodic car accident, every instrument on stage in full force, and Rupert picks up a drum pad and beats the fuck out of it to create this funneling stream of beats that swirl around in your ear, all these sounds put together make for one damn fine piece of noise.

To wrap things up, Chikinki delivered an amazing performance to their
hometown, playing hard with lots of heart. There was definitely energy
exchanged from the crowd to the stage and vice versa. I'm not sure what else I can say, but hopefully someday Chikinki will be back to Ashton Court to headline.

By Whale


  1. Scissors Paper Stone
  2. Ether Radio
  3. The Rain
  4. Hate TV
  5. All Eyes
  6. Nasty Side
  7. Assassinator 13
  8. Time
  9. To Sacrifice a Child

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