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Updated on 31 Aug 2011

Chikinki News - September 2004

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Freshers Tour By Moog and Squirrel at 09:25 on 3 September 2004

Here are the latest details for the freshers tour that we have! There will be 4 other bands apart from Chikinki rotating around on the dates. These will be Agent Blue, Dogs, Cherryfalls and the 747s. Each date will have 3 of these bands.

The line ups we have at the moment are as follows:

Edinburgh (13th Sept)
Chikinki, Cherryfalls, Dogs

Manchester (21st Sept)
Chikinki, Dogs, Agent Blue

Leeds (27th Sept)
Chikinki, Dogs, Cherryfalls

Cardiff (4th Oct)
Chikinki, Cherryfalls, 747s

Bristol (8th Oct)
Chikinki, Agent Blue 747s

Latest news on the 'All Eyes' single release is that it will be out on 11th October!!

All Eyes release By Moog and Squirrel at 12:45 on 8 September 2004
More details about the next single - All Eyes - in the latest official email:

You remember our trip to Berlin in April? Well, while we were in Berlin we recorded some new tracks with a couple of our friends Ewan Pearson and Ali, Basti and Jochen from Tiefschwarz. We’ve just had the music back and it sounds great. So great, we’ve decided to release them on our next single. A new single I hear you cry? Yes we’re going to release ‘All Eyes’ on October 18th. This time round we will also be releasing a DVD as well as a CD single and 12” vinyl.

The CD single will feature All Eyes (obviously) and a couple of those brand new tracks we recorded in Berlin. First one is called ‘Something More’’ which was produced by Tiefschwarz. We also did a track with Tiefschwarz for their album while we were there - their record which will be out next year will also feature The Rapture apparently. The final track on the cd will be another new track of ours called ‘The Right Place’’ which was produced by Ewan Pearson. Ewan has worked with Goldfrapp, Chemical Brothers, The Rapture and most recently Depeche Mode.

Our first DVD will feature the All Eyes video plus the final new track of ours called ‘Stay Lost’ which was produced by Ewan. ‘Stay Lost’, (with us doing 14 part harmonies!!) will tastefully feature over a gallery with lots of great new pics. And due to popular demand the DVD will also include that Berlin programme that was on Channel 4 a little while ago. Lots of you, especially our fans abroad, missed it first time around so here is it for you to keep for all time.

The 12” will have the All Eyes club mixes on from Six Fingers and Deadly Avenger.

If you want to received the official emails in the future there's a sign up on the bottom right of this page.

Chikinki on TV By Moog and Squirrel at 12:50 on 8 September 2004
We've just heard that Chikinki are on TV on Thursday and Friday this week (9th and 10th).

They're on a programme called Jamz which is on a 9pm on Nation217 (Sky channel 217). It is also streamed on their website - http://www.nation217.tv - for those of us without Sky.

All Eyes release and Chikinki on TV again! By Moog and Squirrel at 18:53 on 13 September 2004
The Channel 4 programme about Chikinki in Berlin that was originally shown in June is going to be repeated on Friday 17th September at 1.40am (Saturday morning!).

As a result the DVD of All Eyes is no longer going to be release - there we be 2 CDs instead. These will contain all the tracks recorded in Berlin. CD1 will contain 'All Eyes' and 'Stay Lost' and CD2 will have 'All Eyes', 'Something More', 'The Right Place' and the All Eyes video.

Turnmills date rescheduled! By Squirrel at 17:54 on 16 September 2004
The London Turnmills date that was supposed to happen on the 15th, but didn't because of Phoenix, has been rescheduled. The band will now strut their stuff on the 6th October. I did have a flyer for it, and it would have given you more info, but i lost it because i got drunk last night. Chikinki were great, Phoenix were rubbish, and im still hungover. Yay! A setlist and review will appear shortly in the gigs section.

New Dates Added!!! By Moog and Squirrel at 16:55 on 22 September 2004
Check the gigs section for the latest confirmed dates from the boys. See you down the front.

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