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Updated on 31 Aug 2011

Chikinki News - July 2005

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Tiefschwarz single out today By Moog and Squirrel at 08:08 on 4 July 2005
The Tiefschwarz single 'Wait & See' which features Rupert on vocals is out today.

The CD features radio and extended edits of the song plus remixes by Alter Ago and Gucci Soundsystem. It's also availabile on 2 12"s. The first has the extended edit and the Alter Ego remix. The second has a dub remix by Tiefschwarz and the Gucci Soundsystem remix.

You can by them from most of the usual suspects, including HMV: CD, first 12", second 12"

The album 'Eat Books' which contains 'Wait & See' and a second track with Rupert's vocals is out next Monday.

Tiefschwarz album now released By Moog and Squirrel at 10:12 on 11 July 2005
Just are reminder that the Tiefschwarz album 'Eat Books' is out today. As we've mentioned before, it contains two tracks made in collaboration with Chikinki - 'Wait & See' and 'Artificial Chemicals'. Both have Rupert on lead vocals and 'Articifical Chemicals' also has Boris on backing vocals. Also on vocal duties are Matty Safer (The Rapture) and Tracey Thorn (Everything But The Girl) amongst others. And as a bonus if you bung it in a computer then you can Rupert in his first acting job in the video for 'Wait & See'.

It's available on CD and 12". Have some handly links: Amazon, Play, Juno: CD,12" (including mp3 samples), HMV: CD, 12".

TMF Festival gig cancelled By Moog and Squirrel at 15:47 on 19 July 2005
We've just heard that the guys aren't able to play the TMF Festival gig on the 6th August. :(

German news By Moog and Squirrel at 15:49 on 19 July 2005
Loads of German news today.

The guys have signed a German deal with the fantastic Kitty-Yo. They've got a great web site with loads of information and pics - check it out! Kitty-Yo are releasing 'Lick Your Ticket' on 25th July, and 'Ether Radio' will also be out as a single on 5th September.

There are a load more gigs in Germany to support the release. And one in Switzerland too! Further details in the gigs section. The initial list (more to come!) is:
03 Sep 2005, 030-Festival, Berlin
03 Sep 2005, Waschhaus, Potsdam
01 Oct 2005, Biomill, Laufen, Switzerland
15 Oct 2005, E-Werk, Erlangen
28 Oct 2005, Club Moments, Bremen
02 Nov 2005, Kulturladen, Konstanz
03 Nov 2005, Electricity Festival, Saarbr├╝cken
04 Nov 2005, Predigerkeller, Erfurt
25 Nov 2005, K19, Kassel
26 Nov 2005, Objekt 5, Halle

More gigs By Moog and Squirrel at 13:40 on 27 July 2005
There are a load more German gigs to annouce today. They're all the gigs section. There are also a couple of new ones in the UK:

19 August - The Albany, London
6 October - The Railway Inn, Winchester

See you there!

Happy Birthday Us! By Moog and Squirrel at 22:45 on 31 July 2005
It's been a year since this site opened its doors to the public, which is hard for us to believe. A lot has happened to Chikinki over that time, but we firmly believe that the band are on their way to the top - even with the odd hiccup on the way there. The guys are heading into the studio in a couple of weeks and we can't wait to hear the results.

And what of this site? Well, there's still loads of stuff we've got planned to add. We'd hoped it would be there by now, but please bear with us - we'll get around to it sooner or later! As always we're after your comments, so give us a yell if you've got any - or just want to say hi!

Time to go and blow out our candle! xx

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