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Updated on 31 Aug 2011

Chikinki News - September 2005

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European tour news By Moog and Squirrel at 19:55 on 8 September 2005
The guys' monster European tour started at the weekend with a couple of great gigs on Saturday. We've got a load of photos of them here (Berlin) and here (Potsdam).

There are new dates coming in almost every day at the moment, so keep an eye on the gigs section for details. One unfortunate result of Chikinki's success in Europe is that the Winchester gig in the UK has been cancelled. :(

Berlin instore By Moog and Squirrel at 15:53 on 22 September 2005
The guys will be playing a few songs and signing autographs in a record store in Berlin on Saturday 24th September. They'll be at the Steglitz branch of Saturn. Full details here.

Don't forget to go to the gig at Maria in the evening as well!

New releases! By Moog and Squirrel at 21:07 on 22 September 2005
Chikinki have released a new CD today. It's a collection of B-sides and rarities called 'The Balloon Factory'. It's available to buy exclusively from the Chikinki shop. A pretty picture of the cover and full track listing is in the discography.

Also re-released today is the first album 'Experiment With Mother'. It's got all new packaging, so there's also a reason to buy another copy if you've already got one. Again, you can only get it from the shop.

The shop has also got another load of badges and T-shirts in, together with the mini-football made famous at Glastonbury last year, *and* the tracks the guys recorded on their first trip to Berlin, so get over there now!

Tour diary By Moog and Squirrel at 13:12 on 29 September 2005
The guys have got a diary of their tour on Kitty-Yo's site. You can get straight to it at www.chikinki.de.

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